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Do you want to make a career move, but not know where to start? Start by reading this book. Career Moves for Teachers and Other Professionals: Strategies for a Successful Job Change provides clear, concise, and extremely valuable information for anyone considering a job change or a complete transition to a different career. Geraldine Hogan is a former elementary school teacher, attorney, and judge. In 2018 she retired from her judicial position to start a mediation practice, Geraldine Hogan, P.A. She experienced the challenges of making major career moves and will help guide you through the process.


“You realize that it’s time for a career move. You’re now ready to take action.”



Career Moves for Teachers and Other Professionals – Strategies for a Successful Job Change is a must read for anyone looking to change careers … or move forward in life.” —Alverro Brown, former teacher and entrepreneur

“This book is a practical guide for those seeking to start a new chapter in their professional career. It is for those individuals who are sick and tired of being stuck in a rut and don’t know where to start to make a change. Within the pages of this book, you’ll have the opportunity to brainstorm, reflect, and start taking the steps necessary to transition into the career or job that meets the new needs of your evolving life.”—Hazel Solis Rojas, attorney (former teacher)

“Career Moves for Teachers and Other Professionals is not only motivational and inspirational; it provides specific tools and resources for anyone seeking to make a successful career move.”—Renee Gordon, attorney  (former director of Miami Halfway House)

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