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Motivation comes in many forms —a seminar, a workshop or a keynote. Geraldine Hogan is a teacher at heart and delivers not only the motivation to change ones situation but a step by step methodology. You can experience the teachings online or in person.

Participants will have an opportunity to participate in activities designed to assess where they are in terms of personal and professional goals. 


She will facilitate  discussions on  barriers that impede setting and reaching goals and strategies for overcoming roadblocks to achievement.


Here are some examples of the topics she addresses:

  • Keep Moving Forward:  Overcoming Obstacles to Success

  • How to Set and Reach Your Goals

  • Fear and Desire 

  • Dealing with Anger and Other Barriers to Career Development

  • Setting and Reaching Your Professional Goals

  • Living a Well Balanced Life

  • Roadblocks to Happiness

  • Good Just Isn't Enough


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