Geraldine Hogan is a former teacher, attorney and a retired Worker’s Compensation Judge. Retirement doesn’t mean sit back and relax. She is an author, a motivational speaker and mediator.

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Do you want to make a career move, but not know where to start? Start by reading this book. Career Moves for Teachers and Other Professionals: Strategies for a Successful Job Change provides clear, concise, and extremely valuable information for anyone considering a job change or a complete transition to a different career. Geraldine Hogan is a former elementary school teacher, attorney, and judge. In 2018 she retired from her judicial position to start a mediation practice, Geraldine Hogan, P.A. MORE


Motivation comes in many forms —a seminar, a workshop or a keynote. Geraldine Hogan is a teacher at heart and delivers not only the motivation to change ones situation but a step by step methodology. You can experience the teachings online or in person.


Participants will have an opportunity to participate in activities designed to assess where they are in terms of personal and professional goals. MORE


Judge Hogan facilitates mediation conferences by listening to the parties and helping them move beyond emotions and litigation tactics to focusing on core issues that must be considered in resolving claims.

Geraldine Hogan served as a Judge of Compensation Claims in the Fort Lauderdale District for 12 years. Prior to her judicial appointment she litigated workers’ compensation claims as an Assistant City Attorney for the City of Miami. MORE

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"If you can't fly, then run.

If you can't run, then walk.

If you can't walk, then crawl,

but by all means, keep moving."

Martin Luther King Jr.

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